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Bean and Cheese Burrito

Animal-free (vegan) burrito with pinto beans, Mexican rice, chipotle salsa, my animal-free cheese sauce (Daiya based) and Tapatio hot sauce.

- Greg in SoCal

Soyrizo Super Nachos

Greg in SoCal

thanks, greg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love all your submissions!


YAAAARRR! The ingredients list includes: Black Beans, Vegan Cheese, Spanish Rice, Cumin, Oregano, Capers, Paprika, Chile Powder and Tomatillo Salsa.   It is of my humble opinion that capers are so often under-utilized.  They are so awesome on many levels and really can highlight many dishes/recipes.

Greg in SoCal
For those interested, ya’ll can see all my animal-free (vegan) food photos at:

**Disclaimer:No monsters were harmed in the making of or consuming of this taco.**

Soyrizo Fajita Tacos

Soyrizo Fajita Tacos. Loaded with pan-fried Soyrizo, Mexican Rice, Sauted Tri-Colored Bell Pepper Slices, Sauteed Yellow Onions Slices which is all then stuffed into pan-toasted Corn Tortilla Shells and served with a side of cold and spicy Tomatillo Salsa.

- Greg in SoCal